Pokemon TCG Mystery Collection Box

Pokemon TCG Mystery Collection Box

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Welcome to JAB Games own Pokemon Mystery Collection Box! The contents of every box is RANDOM and a mystery! Your box will include an assortment of some of the following items: 

  • Official Pokemon TCG Booster Packs
  • Assorted EX, GX, V, Rainbow, Mega, Secret, or other Ultra Rare cards!
  • Coins, Tokens, Dice 
  • Pokemon Pins
  • Collectable Pokemon figures
  • Jumbo/Oversized Pokemon cards
  • Mini binders
  • Premium collectable card sleeves
  • Assorted Holo or Reverse Holo cards
  • Virtual code cards for the online PTCGO

Please note: Your box will contain an assortment of some of the items above. Every single box is purely random and is not guaranteed to have anything in particular. We will make sure you have a great assortment of FUN items to enjoy!!

If you order multiple boxes, we will do our best to give you a great variety of items!